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Meet Our Team of Dog Specialists.

Our Team

Barking Up Trees was founded in 2012. Our mission since day one is simple: Enrich the daily lives of dogs and in turn, that of their families. We accomplish this by offering a specialized pack walk service, private walks, visits for puppies and senior dogs, and effective, dog-friendly training.

Jeff pack walk after ice storm.jpg

Jeff Jodoin


Jeff started Barking Up Trees in  2012 with his golden retriever, loyal companion and side kick, Rosco. They have pack walked more than 20,000 kms with hundreds of different dogs over the last 10 years. They also work with puppies for early socialization and help rehabilitate reactive, fearful and on occasion, aggressive dogs.

Jeff completed an extensive 18 month apprenticeship with local dog behaviour specialists, Pet Intel which also included experience managing The Canine Habitat, a behaviour rehabilitation, foster and dog kennel in Perth. An amazing experience! 

Dedicated to continual learning from industry experts and 10+ years of daily hands-on experience has helped Jeff become an avid dog handler, walker and trainer.

Founding member of the Ottawa Dog Walkers Network. Annual volunteer instructor for the City of Ottawa Summer Camp Program. Occasional volunteer for the Ottawa and Valley Lost Pet Network.

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