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Play. Walk. Train. Unleash the Fun.


Our Training Method

Dog-friendly. Easy to employ. Effective. 

You will learn how to train your dog using proven methods based on science, how to better understand your dog and how to communicate with them.

Build trust. Foster respect. Enjoy life!

RESULTS AT HOME  |  $99.99

Virtual Private Training

Dog-friendly methods with practical applications where it matters, your home. Increase your bond, your value and your communication skills. We will coach you virtually through your dog training challenges. We use a Professional Zoom Suite. It's user-friendly, free to download and records each session, so you can rewatch in the future!


Get the app here.

Dog giving a high five

In-Person Private Training

Working with you and your dog in your home and neighbourhood.

Benefit from hands-on instruction tailored to your dog's learning style! 1.5 hours initial session

Follow up sessions $119.99/hr

Unleash the Fun

Exclusive to the residents of Orleans since 2012.

PACK WALKS  |  $31.49

Pack Walks

Our specialized pack walk service provides your canine companion with an opportunity for exercise and a bathroom break combined with socialization, structure and fun!

45-minute walks + pick up and drop off

Dog Walker
NOW AVAILABLE   |   $31.49 (30 MINS) $36.
49 (45 MINS)

Private Walks

One-on-one private walks include exercise for your pup's legs and nose, enriching your dog's life with every adventure. Walks are tracked and distance reports are made every month. Photos of each walk are posted to our Facebook page following each walk.


All walks are 45 minutes in duration.

PUPPIES & SENIORS   |    $26.49

For the Young & the Young at Heart

A bit of extra care for the pups who need it most!

A mid-day feeding, bathroom break, and medication (if needed) combined with playtime, cuddles and quality time for your puppy (under 6 months) or senior dog.

Puppies and Seniors
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